T Minus 5

2-Channel SACD - Hybrid
Commercial release - A cappella disc

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This disc contains:
CD Stereo
SACD Stereo
1 - Because I Have
Been Given Much
2 - Precious Lord,
Take My Hand
3 - Jesus, the Very
Thought of Thee
4 - Once In Royal
David's City
5 - I Need Thee
Every Hour
6 - A Poor Wayfaring
Man of Grief
7 - Shenandoah
8 - The Star
Spangled Banner

IsoMike™ (Isolated Microphones) is an experimental acoustic baffle system, to address the interference of intrachannel sounds that results in compromised fidelity. For these 4-channel recordings, the microphones were suspended on four arms, separated by IsoMike™ baffles.

Most baffles absorb sound from mid- to high-range frequencies; lower frequencies are more difficult to absorb. Here, the unique shapes of the IsoMike™ baffles are advantageous. As lower frequencies flow around the heart- or egg-shaped baffles, they are scattered, effectively dissipating their energy.

Eliminating line-of-sight between the microphones seems to lower some fidelity robbing cancellations, this reveals a layer of extreme detail and a sense of increased sensitivity. As such we took great care, therefore, to reduce the noise level within the auditorium during the recordings.

Microphones - Neumann M-150
Preamp - Millennia Media HV-3D custom
A/D Converters - EMM Labs ADC8 MkIV
Recorders - Genex GX9000
Recorders - Tascam DS-D98HR
DAW - Merging Technologies Pyramix
D/A Converters - EMM Labs DAC8MkIV
Monitor Speakers - Lipinski Sound L707
Monitor preamp - EMM Labs DCC2
Monitor amps - Bryston 7BSST
KIMBER KABLE Select Series

Engineer Ray Kimber
Assistants Brett Terry
Editing and
Graemme Brown,
Zen Mastering