IsoMike Recordings 2006

4-Channel SACD - Hybrid
Excerpts of experimental recording

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CD Stereo
SACD Stereo
SACD Surround (4-Channel)
1 - Choir Test A
2 - Choir Test B
3 - Choir Test C
4 - Choir Test D
5 - Choir Test E
6 - Musical Theatre Test A
7 - Musical Theatre Test B
8 - Musical Theatre Test C
9 - Solo Piano Test A
10 - Solo Piano Test B
11 - Solo Piano Test C
12 - Symphonic Band Test A
13 - Symphonic Band Test B
14 - Marimba Concerto
15 - Drum Corp Test A
16 - Drum Corp Test B
17 - Drum Corp Cheer

IsoMike™ (Isolated Microphones) is an experimental acoustic baffle system, to address the interference of intrachannel sounds that results in compromised fidelity. For these 4-channel recordings, the microphones were suspended on four arms, separated by IsoMike™ baffles.

Most baffles absorb sound from mid- to high-range frequencies; lower frequencies are more difficult to absorb. Here, the unique shapes of the IsoMike™ baffles are advantageous. As lower frequencies flow around the heart- or egg-shaped baffles, they are scattered, effectively dissipating their energy.

Eliminating line-of-sight between the microphones seems to lower some fidelity robbing cancellations, this reveals a layer of extreme detail and a sense of increased sensitivity. As such we took great care, therefore, to reduce the noise level within the auditorium during the recordings.-

Use caution on first playing as some of the tracks do reach nearly 0dB. Several of the tracks might scare the cats!

All recordings were made at a low enough level to assure that no clipping occurred, therefore you may need to raise your volume control more than when playing some commercially available CDs where the volume has been normalized and/or compressed.

Since there is NO limiting, the dynamic range might surprise you, your system or your pets. So be VERY cautious the first entire playing so as to not damage amplifiers or speakers.

These tracks contain no gain changes or other such processing, so some tracks will be at a softer or louder level than other tracks. However, the dynamic range within a track is the same as the original live performance.

Small groups may have a performer - to - microphone distance of 10-15 feet, larger groups would have performer - to - microphone distances up to 60 feet. At no time were the microphones in a closemiked configuration. All recordings were made at Weber State University. Performers were students, faculty, staff and guests of Weber State University

Neumann M150
Tascam DS-D98HR & DV-RA1000
Millennia Media HV-3D custom
DPA 3529A
Grace Design M906 & M902
B&W 800D Loudspeakers
Pyramix DSD Workstation
Genex GX9000
Sennheiser MKH-800 & HD-650
Lipinski Sound L707
Magnepan 20.1
Pass Labs X350.5
Kimber Kable Select Series

Recording Engineers Ray Kimber,
Aaron Hubbard,
Brett Terry &
Nathan Call
Editing and
Graemme Brown,
Zen Mastering