88 Keys

Commercial release - Assorted Piano
(Solo & otherwise)

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This disc contains:
CD Stereo
1 - Annees de pelerinage:
Apres une Lecture
du Dante:
Fantasia quasi sonata
2 - Sonata for Viola and Piano,
Opus 147: Moderato
3 - C'est Extase:
Arietts Oubliees
4 - Lunch Time Follies:
Buddy on the Nightshift
5 - Battle Hymn
of the Republic
6 - Porgy and Bess:
Summertime / A Woman
Is a Sometime Thing
7 - Porgy and Bess:
It Ain'tNecessarily So
8 - Trio for Piano,
Oboe & Bassoon: Presto
9 - Scaramouche: Vif
10 - Scaramouche: Brazeleira

IsoMike™ (Isolated Microphones) is an experimental acoustic baffle system, to address the interference of intrachannel sounds that results in compromised fidelity. For these 4-channel recordings, the microphones were suspended on four arms, separated by IsoMike™ baffles.

Most baffles absorb sound from mid- to high-range frequencies; lower frequencies are more difficult to absorb. Here, the unique shapes of the IsoMike™ baffles are advantageous. As lower frequencies flow around the heart- or egg-shaped baffles, they are scattered, effectively dissipating their energy.

Eliminating line-of-sight between the microphones seems to lower some fidelity robbing cancellations, this reveals a layer of extreme detail and a sense of increased sensitivity. As such we took great care, therefore, to reduce the noise level within the auditorium during the recordings.

Engineer Ray Kimber
Assistants Walt Gaisford,
Brian Vaughn,
Joel Stevenett
Duplicating and
The Burning Van